Earth Day Fair

Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley (UUCG) 929 15th St. Greeley, CO

(UUCG) 929 15th St. Greeley, CO

· Listen to drumming and stories of Indigenous People about Mother Earth

· Test drive a Nissan Leaf electric car

· Presentation about bees and pollinators

· Greeley Friends of Sierra Club

· Check out books from the library about conservation & sustainability and more

· Citizens Climate Lobby

· Earth Democracy from Women’s International League for Freedom and Peace -WILFP

· Sandbox Solar

· Weld Air and Water -WAW

· Paint canvas grocery bags activity

. City of Greeley Water Conservation

                                                    SPEAKER SCHEDULE

· 1:30 pm Sandbox Solar

· 2:00 pm Citizens Climate Lobby

· 3:00 pm Bees and Pollinators

. 4:00pm         Water Conservation