Phil Kelley for CO Senate District 13

It is truly an honor for me to be your candidate for the Colorado state Senate District 13. I like to start by telling you a little about myself. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. When I turned 18 like so many of us at that time I volunteered for the Army an Vietnam. My first assignment was as an infantryman in the Central Highlands with the fourth infantry division. My next assignment was as a crew chief on a helicopter gunship. While in combat, I was decorated several times for heroism on the battlefield. Among my decorations are the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as the Bronze Star.


After my years in the military like so many, I tried to create the best life I could for myself and eventually my family, in these early years, is when I started to become very politically and socially active. I was fortunate enough to get a good paying job represented by the United Auto Workers.

Over the decades I served in the union leadership for Several years. As a union organizer I also sat on the executive board in several different positions. I also served as a trainer in my later years, to help educate our new members. Also generally helping any way I could to improve the lives of the people around me and in my community. As I started to get closer to retirement I knew there was only one place for me, that place has always been Colorado. My dream in retirement was to come out to Colorado and enjoy my hobby of panning for gold. That plan was working very well for a couple of years.

Then that fateful day happen to all of us in November 2016. The bottom seemed to fall out of our world. When the would-be tyrant was placed in the White House. Over the next year, we all watched in horror, as the dismantling of our democratic republic was happening all around us. For myself, as well as many of you this was a very depressing time. But now that we have seen what the Republicans are up to it’s time to stand up and fight.

To fight against corporations controlling our society, to fight for good pay and respect for our teachers. To protect our environment from corporations that only look at the bottom-line and could care less what they leave behind. These are just some of the things we are fighting for.

This, friends, is exactly why I have stepped forward. There is no way, I could have continued with my retirement. Trying to go into the mountains and enjoy my hobby. When there was so much pain, misery, and suffering going on because of ultraconservative policies that hurt the middle class as well as those in need. These are just some of the reasons, I had to stand up and be counted once again to help protect my country. Against the forces, that wish to change our society to one that serves the needs of the corporation and the rich.

As you know, I cannot do this alone. The only way we had a chance to win in November is with motivated volunteers to help this campaign win. The last ingredient for a victory in November is money. I am not a rich man, I’m not a business owner, and I’m not a rich lawyer. I’m just a dedicated American who loves his country and will do everything he can to stop the aggression from the right. I truly need your help to fulfill our dream. Please volunteer and donate money to this campaign for a solid, caring, respectful future.

The slogan of this campaign is, It’s time we had a working person representing working people. That is the way the founding fathers wanted it!


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Phone # 970-405-8259