Susie Velasquez for Weld Clerk and Recorder

 My name is Susie Velasquez and I decided to run for Clerk and Recorder because I love Weld County, but some things need to change and I am the choice for that  change. I grew up here and I am Weld County, just like you. I grew up in Milliken, a small farming town in Weld County. My dad worked at the sugar factory in Johnstown and my mom worked at the Milliken potato dock sorting potatoes.  I’m one of 11 children – my 8 brothers, 2 sisters and me. We worked fields in the summertime picking beans and cherries. They had a harder life being the eldest of the family but each one of us has our own story. My brothers served in the military –  Air Force, Army, Korean War and Vietnam War. They made a difficult but proud sacrifice serving our country.

I am a product of Weld County having graduated from high school and college in Weld County, and the only one in my family to graduate from college.  I graduated from Roosevelt High School in Johnstown, Aims Community College with a Liberal Arts degree, University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and the University of Denver Law School with a law degree.

I am a public servant.   I served as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of the Colorado Attorney General and I now serve as the Weld County Public Trustee.  Because of this, I know how to run an office and manage employees. I’ve managed the Public Trustee office for the past 11 years. I have worked hard and I have the dedication and experience it takes to run a complex office like the Clerk and Recorder.  

I will work to bring efficiency and fairness to the Clerk and Recorder’s office by treating existing employees with the support and respect that they deserve.  Employees are the Clerk and Recorder’s greatest asset and if we don’t treat them that way, then we all suffer for it.

I will work for accountability and transparency in the redistricting process.  The Clerk and Recorder is responsible for working with the County Commissioners to redraw their own district boundary lines.  Right now that process is done behind closed doors with no input or comments from voters like you and me. I will be a strong advocate for complete transparency.  

I ask for your support because together we can be the choice for change in Weld County.