Carl Erickson for Weld County Commissioner At Large

Carl Erickson, longtime resident of Weld County, Current Chair of Weld Air and Water, former Trainer and Interpreter/ Tutor, frequent contributor to local newspapers, has declared his candidacy for Weld County Commissioner At Large.

“I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Weld County Commissioner At Large. During my term as Chair of Weld Air and Water, I have gained an understanding of the complexities of county, state and local governments including capabilities, limitations and need for meaningful government.

“In my candidacy, I see hope for a sustainable, positive future path for Weld County without the encumbrances of trivial pursuits.

“Most importantly, the primary role for a commissioner should be to be an advocate for the people of the county. There are many issues that will come before us in the next four years. They include transportation issues like roads, the ever-present water issue, balancing industrial growth with residential needs. In addition, we need to strengthen our infrastructure and to bring more accessible services to our vast county.

“Second, a commissioner should be a vital and accessible communications link between the people and the county government. In my role as a long-time customer service trainer, I am used to hearing from many sides. I am comfortable in hearing from residents and government. I listen to both their needs and strive to find a mutually acceptable beneficial outcome.

“Third, as commissioner, I can be a valued partner with county planning, by taking advantage of my experience, skills and perspectives, gained from my community activism.

“Fourth, because of this experience, I have “people skills” that can be used to bring people together toward common goals and unity.

“I firmly believe that each and every person in Weld County is here for a reason, that within the common voice of this County, there is an answer for each challenge that confronts us. Someone in this County has an answer to our ever present need for water resources, our need for better health services, our road maintenance requirements, our energy needs, our children’s services and our service for our senior population. It is my belief that the role of the government of this County is to seek out those voices that are expressing the solutions. It is the job of the Commissioners to find the voices that hold the answers. This means making the Commissioners as accessible as possible. Meetings should be held at a variety of times, at a variety of locations so that we can maximize the chance that solutions are found. Seeking out the resources, rather than waiting for them to present themselves.

“I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting residents, and tackling challenges.”