Earth Day Fair

Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley (UUCG) 929 15th St. Greeley, CO

(UUCG) 929 15th St. Greeley, CO

· Listen to drumming and stories of Indigenous People about Mother Earth

· Test drive a Nissan Leaf electric car

· Presentation about bees and pollinators

· Greeley Friends of Sierra Club

· Check out books from the library about conservation & sustainability and more

· Citizens Climate Lobby

· Earth Democracy from Women’s International League for Freedom and Peace -WILFP

· Sandbox Solar

· Weld Air and Water -WAW

· Paint canvas grocery bags activity

. City of Greeley Water Conservation

                                                    SPEAKER SCHEDULE

· 1:30 pm Sandbox Solar

· 2:00 pm Citizens Climate Lobby

· 3:00 pm Bees and Pollinators

. 4:00pm         Water Conservation

Threats to Democracy

Rochelle Galindo
CO House District 50 Representative Rochelle Galindo

Join Greeley Indivisible Thursday, April 11th downtown Greeley to Support Rochelle Galindo!

(By Lyn Davis, Greeley Indivisible) It has never been my intent to use this website as my own voice, but I do have a few things to say. And while understanding the reasons that some may use to be less active than maybe even their hearts wish, I’m insisting you think seriously about joining the actions on the streets to show our opposition to those forces which deem us unworthy. We will not be bowled over by their attempts to discredit our values, our representation and our personal voice. The news coverage of both local, state and national politics exposes a rhetoric that diminishes us progressives and liberals as unpatriotic with intent to destroy the United States of America. Bollocks, as the Brits would say — I want those liars to be stopped in their tracks. There is one attribute that distinguishes them that needs to be thoroughly understood: The present Republican Party has become corrupted by billionaire self-interests who could care less about the fortunes of the GOP faithful! Republicanism didn’t used to be this way, of using hateful language to turn law-abiding citizens against each other.

Greeley and Weld County citizens have minds of their own — neighbors always, and being neighbors means being respectful enough not to cause discomfort or real harm. Language can be used to be deliberately hurtful by presuming that the targets of meanness is justified.  It isn’t! I, as a liberal thinker, have no intentions of being anything other than a patriotic citizen, the same way I was when I was a Republican Party member. Back in the early 80’s, I challenged myself to seek out what slogans and beliefs were true and what weren’t, but have seemed to hang on to this day. And now, it’s worse — we’re returning to a pre-Civil War attitude with potentials of danger and destruction to both property and human life. And I think that’s stupid! But worse, it’s even more stupid for us to have knowledge and sit on our butts!